Building SOLID FOUNDATIONS since 2002

"Muu" which means wood in Chinese, succinctly describes our proposition to our clients. Wood foundations are easier, faster, flexible, strong and agile.

We envision building solid and agile solution foundations through our service offerings for our customers for them to profit from digital transformation.

Our primary goal is to create value for our clients through strong business problem solving and intelligent use of technology.


In reaching our goal, we are proud to work with these partners 



K2 Workflow


Muu was founded in 2002 and  has evolved over the years to focus on Digital Transformation solutions for organizations today. 

Digital Transformation is the use of  changing digital technology to solve problems often utilising cloud computing, reducing reliance on user owned hardware but increasing reliance on subscription based cloud services. 

In an organization's Digital Transformation journey,  three things—people, processes and tools —combine to solve critical business problems and provide substantial value to the enterprise. 

Hence, our focus on: 
> People through workforce augmentation 
> Processes through process mapping
> Tools through Remote Work solutions 

2020 - Muu now focuses on digital transformation solutions. Muu leverages on its decade of experience in productivity solutions to journey with organizations in Digital Workplace Transformation and Remote Work.

2015 to 2019 - Muu divested its System integration and Application Development team to focus on digital transformation solutions. 

2011 - Muu partners with Nintex for process automation. 

2006 - Muu is certified as Microsoft Gold Partner and a key Microsoft partner for SharePoint.

2003 - K2 Workflow partnership - premier partner in the local region (first to achieve) and also one of the oldest partner of K2 in the region. Muu helps organizations to implement workflows applications. 

2002 (Inception) - Since inception, MUU has been in the forefront of digital transformation with tools for automation as well as content services