In many organizations, there are variations in processes between sites or business units. Customer segmentation and local practices further lead to variations in services provided. Both of those realities can make process standardization difficult, but they don’t make it impossible.

We can help you do this with the Nintex  Platform that removes the barrier from Digital Transformation.  Through Nintex Platform we offer the solution to Process Map, Process Automate and Process Optimize.

To effectively control and manage process variations, start by mapping these processes with Nintex Promapp. Save time and effort scoping how the business should work. Put process capture and refinement into the hands of the process experts and concentrate on the efficiencies they can help identify. 

Capture Clear Processes

Easy to create, find and follow process maps providing a central source of truth

Real-time feedback

Capture feedback within the process in real time and highlight changes and see full version histories 

Visibility and Accountability

Identify stakeholders easily with clear roles and responsibilities

Effective Collaboration

Easily identify improvement opportunities. Continuous improvement builds stronger process foundations.