With the coronavirus pandemic, there is a rethink of how we need to build robustness and business continuity into our workplace. The coronavirus has disrupted our workplace and made us rethink our workplace strategy to address both immediate and future similar occurrences. It has fundamentally shifted our thinking from making remote work optional to that of essential. With remote work solutions, they help to inspire more collaborative work even as individual work occurs at home, remote office or just..  anywhere. We offer the following solutions. Do reach out to us for more details on each of our offerings. 

DOCUMENT STORAGE / SHARING (on premise or cloud)

File sharing, sync, and collaboration is critical to work anywhere workplaces. FileCloud on premise or cloud is a complete enterprise file sharing that allows both internal and external parties to collaborate securely. FileCloud offers complete control, total security, flexible branding, powerful administrator tools, data isolation, and ownership. 

DIGITAL SIGNATURE (on premise or cloud)

GetSignature On premise or cloud is a Digital Signature that allows users to digitally signed their documents and these are legally enforceable.

It is built from the ground up with ease of use and security in mind. No document is sent via email without encryption. 


We provide a robust Unified Collaboration Platform cloud solution that allows you to focus on your business and not on maintaining several silo solutions. This unified platform provides CRM, Social Intranet, Internet Site, eCommerce, Files sharing, Tasks, Calendars, Communications such as chat function all rolled out into one totally integrated solution.