We help customers scale up their resources based on their requirements. Our staff augmentation is perfect to meet special project needs without the need to go through the complex process of hiring for a full-time staff.

We offer workforce augmentation for specialized niche skills set - in particular,   skills in Workflow Systems, CRM and Collaboration systems.   This allows our folks to leverage on the knowledge of our past experience as well as our associates - all of whom are specialists in their field of expertise.

Workflow SYSTEMS

Experienced and trained resources in K2 and  Nintex


Experienced and trained resources in Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics CRM


No matter how complex the project, we can tap our network to help find the right professional with the right skill-set.  Do feel free to click on our feedback form or speak with us through our chat channel.

Step 1. Consultation

We will contact you to discuss our services and the process on initial contact. We will then provide you with a job description and other useful information. 

Step 2: Agreement

A quote will be provided with an agreement. This will include non-disclosure, payment and service terms. Once signed, the placement process begins

Step 3: Placement

We will search for candidates that fit your job description. We will conduct an initial filter by checking background and skills of the candidates. We will forward you the resumes of the shortlisted candidates and arrange for an interview with you. 

Step 4: Deployment

Once the candidate is chosen, we will set an employment start date for the employee will start work for you. If you feel that the person is not qualified within 5 days evaluation period, we will find a new one for you with no additional charges.


We will be there to assist you in anyway we can